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According to 73% of senior marketers surveyed by the CMO Council, customer experience is critical to their own professional success and to the ongoing success of the business. Stay on top of best practices, resources and peer-powered best practices to stay ahead of the experience curve.



Putting Contextual in Context

For this webinar, the CMO Council, in partnership with SAP, kicked off a discussion into the advancement of the contextual customer experience. Beyond campaigns and beyond CRM, the discussion focused on the new meaning of context, in total context of the customer and the business. Adding their insights to this one-hour interactive webcast were brand marketers working to advance their personalization and experience strategies along with experts in context, experience and looking far beyond CRM. More info >

Customer Contextomy: Marketing’s Mandate to Identify, Understand and Engage the Customer

The CMO Council, in partnership with SAP, hosted a one-hour interactive webcast to join brand leaders to discuss and debate where and how context, content and the customer must converge in today’s commerce journey. More info >

The Best Actions to Make Personalization Possible: Amplifying the Customer’s Voice for a Lasting Experience

The CMO Council, in partnership with Microsoft, explored on an interactive webcast the modern requirements of tapping into the power of personalization, gaining insight into where and how marketers can advance the voice of the customer in relevant and profitable experiences that transcend one-off campaigns. More info >

Personalization Priorities for 2016: A Roundtable Conversation About Data, Insights and Achieving Revenue Goals in the Year Ahead

For this webcast, the CMO Council gathered a roundtable panel of guests to discuss the key marketing priorities that will make personalization a priority in the coming year. More info >

Repaving Marketing’s Routes to Revenue: Revelations and Reactions to the Latest Research on Driving Engagements and Experience

During this webinar, the CMO Council and Pegasystems delved into detailed findings from their latest study, entitled “Predicting Routes to Revenue: Identifying Real-Time Decisions for Business-Driving Engagement.” More info >

How the Enterprise Is Getting in Sync With Mobile Customers

This webcast explored how mobile is making the quest for marketers to stay in sync with the customer journey infinitely more complex and nuanced as the digitally empowered customer now has new expectations for a fully connected, personalized and relevant mobile experience. More info >

Putting the Customer Into Context: The Next Steps to Delivering Exceptional Experiences

The CMO Council, in partnership with SAP Hybris and Deloitte Digital, hosted webcast in which they shared additional findings of the new consumer study including how consumers say they will react to continued frustrations. In addition, experts from SAP Hybris and Deloitte Digital joined the discussion and shared where and how customer demands have shifted customer experience strategies, including the very ecosystem of cross-functional connections that organizations must forge in order to truly meet and exceed these expectations. More info >