Making Personalization Possible

Amplifying the Customer’s Voice for a Lasting Experience

This new white paper from the CMO Council and Microsoft reveals that marketers are actively seeking out tools and solutions that will amplify the customer’s voice and turn that data into real, actionable intelligence. It also reveals that marketers are de-prioritizing digital campaign metrics in favor of business-focused measurements that more directly tie customer experience to financial performance and business outcomes. MORE >

Brand Attraction From Enriched Interaction

Creating an End-to-End, Multi-Channel Experience That Engages and Enlivens Customer, Partner and Employee Audiences With More Compelling and Relevant Content-Driven Commerce and Conversation

The CMO Council teamed with IBM Digital Experience to evidence where and how digital content has become pivotal to the way companies and brands attract attention, entice engagement, acquire and grow relationships, encourage purchase and further word-of-mouth. This authority leadership program viewed the best practices and techniques powering multi-channel interactions that are vibrant, collaborative and impressionable across customer, partner and employee audiences. MORE >

Engage at Every Stage

Where and How Mobile Relationship Marketing Is Being Embraced Across Industries

With approximately 5 billion users globally, the mobile phone represents one of the most pervasive channels of communications and targeted engagement in the world. The immediacy, convenience, and personal attachment to mobile phones make the device an ideal means of expanding marketing messages and enhancing engagement with a global customer base. MORE >

Mastering Adaptive Customer Engagements

A Look Into How Today’s Marketing Leaders Are Driving Business Performance Across the Customer-Centric Enterprise

Today’s modern marketer has the opportunity, if not the responsibility, to become the change agent that is working to establish a “customer-intuitive enterprise.” This intensely customer-centric view will require organization-wide alignment around the customer engagement strategy, with each function and each employee understanding and upholding their role in delivering an optimized customer experience. But it will also require a new view into the customer: one that goes beyond the aggregation of marketing or even transactional data to incorporate all points of insight and intelligence, including tapping into data repositories from across the organization as well as from external, unstructured and even third-party resources, to understand the future needs and desires of the customer. MORE >

Bringing Dexterity to Subscriber Complexity

Managing the Challenge of Change and Choice in Communications and Media Markets

“Bringing Dexterity to Subscriber Complexity” explores the growing imperative to more effectively manage the challenge of change and choice in today’s communications and media markets. MORE >

Gaining Traction Through Each Customer Interaction

Achieving Business Impact With Customer Engagement Optimization

The CMO Council, in partnership with SAP, continued its review of customer centricity, customer experience and engagement across Asia-Pacific and Japan to aggregate specific best-practice findings and peer-powered strategies to optimize today’s and tomorrow’s customer engagements. MORE >

Getting in Sync With Mobile Customers

The Mandate for Real-Time Relevance in a Connected World

During this study, the CMO Council explored the changes in customers’ mobile behavior, the pulse of the market, the definition of a mobile-first strategy, how analytics are being leveraged for mobile, how brands are measuring mobile success, and more. The final comprehensive report consists of findings from an online quantitative survey as well as qualitative features from brands leading in mobile. MORE >

Localize to Globalize

Unifying Messages, Experiences and Engagements Across Global Campaigns

To gain an understanding of how industry-leading brands are tracking, mapping and filling the globalization void, the CMO Council undertook a series of executive-level interviews with senior marketers who are unifying experiences and messages across their brand. MORE >

Mapping Monetization

Best Practices and Strategies for Identifying New Opportunities and Maximizing Existing Experiences

The CMO Council recently partnered with Vindicia, the leaders in payment and billing solutions, to host a series of executive roundtables to discuss new paths to revenue and the challenges to monetization optimization. The number one issue that marketers found most challenging to overcome: FEAR MORE >

Maximize How You Individualize

Map the Operational Gap in Customer Insight and Experience

The CMO Council partnered with SAP to shine a light on the value and benefits of using big data analytics and customer insights to create a more relevant, personalized and gratifying experience. This thought leadership initiative included a series of qualitative interactions with senior marketers in leading Asian markets, as well as comprehensive online audit. MORE >

Predicting Routes to Revenue

Identifying Real-Time Decisions for Business-Driving Engagement

The CMO Council partnered with Pegasystems to better understand how real-time marketing decisions are directly impacting customer engagement in this age of “un-marketing.” Gone are the strategies that simply look to maximize campaign engagements as they are being replaced by customer journeys that traverse acquisition, retention and advocacy to maximize customer lifetime value. MORE >

Variance in Customer Experience

How to Map, Manage and Adapt Content Touchpoints to Maximize the Customer Experience

To appraise the Variance in Customer Experience, the CMO Council developed an auditing tool and methodology for determining how well leading brand marketers capture, convey and reinforce their brand promise and value proposition across their channels, products, geographies, divisions, points of contact, service, corporate events and sponsorships. MORE >

Variance in the Social Brand Experience

The Role Social Media Is Playing in Developing, Shaping and Advancing Today’s Customer Experience

Understanding the variance in social experience has become a critical marketing imperative as the voice, velocity and value of communications among connected audiences plays a greater role in customer purchasing behavior, product adoption rates, as well as brand interaction and reputation levels. MORE >

Variance in the Tech Experience

Rating the State of PC Technology Service and Support

“Variance in the Tech Experience” is an authority leadership program to rate and assess the variation in customer satisfaction for after-market tech support services and provide an industry-standard benchmark for evaluating quality and effectiveness of support provided by computer manufacturers, communications service providers, software vendors, retailers and third-party contractors. MORE >

Elevate What Consumers Appreciate

Increase Brand Attraction by Upgrading Ownership Satisfaction

The CMO Council and LiveTechnology are teaming to digitally revolutionize and elevate the experience of owning, operating, maintaining, troubleshooting and repairing durable goods sourced from leading manufacturers supported by their retail and aftermarket service partners. MORE >

Getting Serious About Omni-Channel Experience

Making Customer Value Creation the New Competitive Equation

The CMO Council, in partnership with Huawei’s OPEN Roads Community, has embarked on a new thought leadership initiative to bring together leading voices across the ICT in order to create an actionable framework for more effective. MORE >

Customer Experience Readiness

Ensuring Sales, Marketing and Commerce Are Fully Aligned to Deliver a Consistent Experience

The CMO Council, Selling Power and SAP Hybris have joined together to assess and benchmark the state of alignment, partnership and collaboration across sales, marketing and commerce executives as the customer experience mandate takes hold. The final report will feature insights into customer experience strategy, how it has taken shape in organizations and where opportunities lie to enhance functional partnership in execution. MORE >