The Consumer Hard Goods Marketplace

The multi-billion dollar consumer goods marketplace, propelled by advanced technologies and increasing connectivity, has ignited a robust and complex after-sales service market for parts replacement and customer support. Learn more about the intricacies of the after-market in this overview presentation. DOWNLOAD >


Elevate What Consumers Appreciate

The customer experience mandate of the CMO has focused on creating an experience that will surprise and delight their consumers up to the point of purchase; unfortunately, the aftermarket for far too many is an afterthought. MORE >




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LiveStuff for Walmart

LiveStuff by LiveTechnology gives consumers instant access to manuals, accessories and replacement parts for the stuff they own. Watch how it works. 


91% of unhappy customers will not return to purchase products.  *

48% of global consumers don’t believe most brands take action on customer feedback.  *

67% of global consumers across all age groups expect brands to respond within 24 hours to their customer service questions, complaints or praise on social media.  *

The market for major household appliances in 2016 is $23.9 billion, and is expected to reach $27.1 billion by 2020.  *

The market for household appliances is expected to generate nearly $590 billion in revenues by 2020.  *

Shipments worldwide for household appliances are projected to increase from 583 million units in 2013 to 700 million units by 2017.  *

Demand for power tools is projected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 5% to $36.2 billion in 2020 and $46.5 billion in 2025.   *

Approximately 200 million units of electric power tools were sold globally in 2015, a significant lead over 88 million pneumatic power tools.  *

The market for major household appliances in 2016 is $23.9 billion, and is expected to reach $27.1 billion by 2020.   *

It is projected that retail sales of the Lawn & Garden (L&G) supplies market will increase by a CAGR of 3% to reach $6.6 billion in 2019.  *

The shipments of these major home appliances in the U.S. are forecast to reach the highest figure to date in 2016, when 75.5 million units are projected to be shipped in the country.  *

Shipments of major kitchen and laundry appliances in the U.S. are forecast to grow from around 52 million units in 2012 to nearly 65 million by
2017.  *

Wireless speakers posted 32% volume growth in 2016 as the technology continued to find its way into more US homes.  *