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Context, Commerce + Customer: Best Practices to Exceed Expectations

Despite marketing’s unwavering desire to deliver the best possible experiences to customers—both online and off—gaps continue to plague even those with the best intentions. MORE >


Elevate What Consumers Appreciate

Increase Brand Attraction by Upgrading Ownership Satisfaction

The CMO Council and LiveTechnology are teaming to digitally revolutionize and elevate the experience of owning, operating, maintaining, troubleshooting and repairing durable goods sourced from leading manufacturers supported by their retail and aftermarket service partners. MORE >



Brand Attraction From Enriched Interaction

This report contains best practices and techniques for powering multi-channel interaction that is vibrant, collaborative and impressionable across customer, partner and employee audiences. MORE >




May 16

Customer Experience Summit At Sapphire Now 2017

May 16, 2017 | Orlando, Florida


Background Presentation: Getting Serious About Omni-Channel Experience

The CMO Council, in partnership with Huawei, held an executive roundtable at Mobile World Congress on March 1st 2017. The goal of the roundtable was to dive in to how telcos and brands alike must effectively manage the omni-channel to create superior experiences for their customers. This presentation serves as a background to the discussion and delves into previous and current CMO Council research on the topic of the Omni-Channel and its impact on the telco industry.   MORE >


Brett Townsend

Director of Consumer Insights


As one of the leading home appliance manufacturers, Electrolux takes a more classic approach to aftermarket services, with a strong emphasis on their in-house call center. The company meticulously measures and reviews the calls per unit sold that they receive on each product. Over the past year and a half, Electrolux has strategically focused on reducing that number. Brett Townsend,... MORE >