The Best Actions to Make Personalization Possible: Amplifying the Customer’s Voice for a Lasting Experience

Friday, April 15, 2016

As marketers grow in their commitment to customer experience and in their understanding of the critical role data plays in marketing’s success, personalization at scale and in context continues to challenge even the most skilled and seasoned marketers. Somewhere between the rapid evolution of digital marketing engagements and the rush to aggregate and collect data, the path from data to intelligence has been obscured and makes a state of personalized customer experience even harder to reach. In a day when the customer expects relevance regardless of channel, marketing must take a leap of faith, turning to new strategies and new opportunities to ask even more critical questions of our customer data. It is, in short, a new opportunity to make true personalization entirely possible.

To explore the opportunity to take the next big pivot in customer experience strategy and address the new requirements of data, the CMO Council, in partnership with Microsoft, explored on an interactive webcast the modern requirements of tapping into the power of personalization, gaining insight into where and how marketers can advance the voice of the customer in relevant and profitable experiences that transcend one-off campaigns. This webcast pulsed the marketing mindset to capture the best action plans of marketers looking to take the next step to personalization by leveraging the rich signals and contextual queues that customer intelligence has to offer.

Speakers included:

  • Liz Miller, SVP Marketing – CMO Council
  • Brett Steiger, Head of Brand Marketing, Travelocity
  • Derek Bevan, Data Scientist – Microsoft
  • Paul Metzler, Senior Director, Global & Corporate Insights – PGA of America
  • Roger Longbotham, Sr. Principal Data Scientist – Microsoft

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